• 01 Sensory Deprivation

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    Eric Dunklebarger of Requiescent Float Center in Ballston Spa, New York, discusses how he got into the business of floating and how sensory deprivation can be a powerful tool for healing the body.

  • The Path Documentary Trilogy

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    "The Path: Afterlife", "The Path: Beyond the Physical" & "The Path: Evolution" bundled together.

  • The Path: Evolution

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    This is just the full length feature film. No bonus material.

    The Path: Evolution is the third film of The Path Series trilogy and explores the theory that human beings are living in a virtual reality system similar to the rules of an assimilated video game. The film briefly discusses the soc...

  • The Path Documentary Series - Extras

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    90 minutes of additional content that didn't make the films.

  • The Path: Beyond the Physical

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    The filmmakers of The Path: Afterlife brings to their viewers the second film in the trilogy, The Path documentary series, entitled The Path: Beyond the Physical (BTP). The Path: Beyond the Physical investigates topics about life after death, out-of-body experiences, multiple-dimensions, remote v...

  • The Path: Afterlife

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    Originally released in 2009 on DVD, This documentary will educate, shed light and explore the many theories of the souls purpose. Our goal is to cover various areas of energy medicine, paranormal encounters, holistic healing, Eastern medicine and much, much more.The Path will show the metaphysica...